Barcelona, a city open to the world

Artists & Barcelona is a boutique of artistic photography in limited editions, and it is also a project that seeks to give visibility and support to artists linked with Barcelona.

Our goal is to raise the awareness from selected photographers and painters from Barcelona, a talent which is often very close but goes unnoticed. You can find here peculiar artists, art lovers, with international projection or just relevant in very specific environments.

Bringing together these artists under the brand
Artists & Barcelona(A&BCN), ​​allows us to make a proposal of high quality images and photographs to help you decorate and personalize any space, you will find in this boutique a diversity of subjects and styles of photography.

We think that acquiring artistic photography also means obtaining a piece creatively studied and technically worked. A photograph that conveys feelings and messages, always in Limited Edition and with its Certificate of Authenticity.
 Please get inspired, move through our store and discover  all the talent that emerges in Barcelona and gets inspired in the world.  We also invite you if you wish, to meet our artists. We can help you to find or co-create those images that best suit your spaces, not with the aim of just filling walls, but rather to give them life and personality. Our treatment is direct, personal, you will discover that buying art is easy and rewarding.    

We open the doors of Artists & Barcelona, ​​the boutique of artistic photography in Barcelona, ​​a city open to the world.