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BCN Natura I

In Barcelona, when looking to the ground or up to the sky, there are genuine buildings and singular monuments everywhere. And living with them, there is the nature that shows its mutant beauty to claim the importance it merits.

“BCN Natura” captures in images the dialogue and complicity between Miró’s statue “Dona i Ocell” (Woman and Bird) and this urban nature.

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90,00 € tax incl.*

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Authenticity warrantee:  this piece of work, as all the rest, has an authenticity certificate signed by its author. Each photo is numbered and stamped with the Artists and Barcelona stamp, which means that the whole production process has been verified.

Formats and framing of the photos:  When purchasing a photo, you can choose amongst several size options. Please bear in mind that not all the photos are available in all sizes, therefore you should choose the size you prefer in each case.
If you don’t choose any framing option, there are several finish options:

  1. 1. Photographic copy: photographic copy in paper printed in Giclée system, no passe-partout and packed up in a cardboard tube.
  2. 2. Photographic copy with passe-partout, framed: copy with passe-partout and aluminium frame with option to choose amongst the following colours: white, black, anthracite grey, silver and chocolate brown.
  3. 3. Photographic copy on dibond: photographic copy on 3 mm dibond sheet (aluminium plywood), with back aluminium bracket in U shape, ready to hang.
  4. 4. Direct printing on dibond: printing on 3 mm dibond sheet (aluminium plywood) with back aluminium bracket in U shape, ready to hang.
  5. 5. Printing on methacrylate, assembled on dibond: direct printing with white over 3 mm transparent methacrylate, assembled on 3 mm dibond sheet (aluminium plywood) with back aluminium bracket in U shape, ready to hang.
  6. 6. Direct printing on floating framed dibond: printing on 3 mm dibond sheet (aluminium plywood), suspended in the air and framed over 4 cm wood of natural colour.

Limited editions by format  of photography:

S- Small
Up to 45x45cm or a 180cm perimeter (70,80inches): 100 u.

M- Medium
Up to 60x60cm or a 240cm perimeter (94,48inches): 75 u.

Up to 80x8cm or a 320cm perimeter (125,98 inch): 50 u.

XL- Extralarge
Up to 120x120cm or a 400cm perimeter (157,48inch): 25 u.

*Some artists might have a different number of Limited Editions. This information is included in the Artistic Data Sheet of each picture.

The Art-prints go from 50 to 100 units.


ArtistPaco Escoriza
Limited editionSmall 100units / Medium 75units / Large 50units / XL 25units
Geographic locationBarcelona city

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